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Dall'Agnol family Association and other ones emigrates from Fastro

The association collect and promote contacts and search between family's members to keep history, culture and traditions.

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Maps of Fastro

Maps of Fastro and its zones

Structure of Fastro

Fastro seen from Croce's mountain Fastro is located in the east north of Italy, in the Veneto region.

Fastro is divided in two parts: Fastro Bassanese, which is part of coucil of Cismon of the Grappa, district of Vicenza, and the fraction greater, properly said Fastro, that it belongs to the coucil of ArsiŤ in district of Belluno. The district of Belluno and Vicenza make part of the Veneto region.

Fastro is divided in various zones: Solivo, Pusterno, Bassanese, Canal, Mori and Tre Case.
The reason for which the territory it is divided between two districts goes searched in its history.

The country is found above sea level to 345 meters of quota.

Information to navigate in the map

In the below map it is possible to increase the level of detail until the single street. Use the arrow with sign "+", up on the left, in order to increase the level of detail.

The red markers evidence the single ones borgate of Fastro. Clicking on every one comes visualized the name of the zone correspondent.

The map concurs 3 types of maps:

In case of slow connections value (modems 56 kb) can be necessary some minutes to load the map.

[The maps are obtained through the service of Google Maps, in case of visualization problems make reference requirement of the service.]

History of Fastro

Last modified: 15/01/2007